A large part of our work at Viccarbe is devoted to the balance of our designs. By the same token, we understand that only a balanced, responsible society will lead to a sustainable future.

From Responsibility by Viccarbe we participate in innovative social projects to humbly contribute our two cents. For further information, please contact:

Mine Kafon

Viccarbe collaborates actively with Mine Kafon, an airborne demining system developed to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years.

Casa Caridad

Viccarbe believes in people and always tries to support them. In the past ten years, we’ve been collaborating with the asociation Casa Caridad in Valencia.

El Arca de Nazaret

We collaborate as well with the asociation El Arca de Nazaret, specially devoted to protect children, teens and their families’ rights who suffer inequalities at their personal and social developement.